Stoos Stampede Amsterdam 2012

Are you trying to transform the way organizations are managed?

“A problem this size will require many minds and hearts. We’d love to hear your voice and your experience.“ — Stoos Communique

That’s why we are inviting all change agents to Amsterdam on 6 and 7 July 2012 to prepare the next steps to spread the vision:

“Organizations can become learning networks of individuals creating value, and the role of leaders should include the stewardship of the living rather than the management of the machine.” — Stoos Communique


6 & 7 July 2012


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


This will not be a regular conference. We do not believe we, or anyone, has all the answers. We will have many people with different backgrounds, as the original Stoos 21 different backgrounds demonstrate, to share their successes and failures. We will have representatives from companies that have set successful steps along the road towards our vision. But most of all what we want is you, not listening, but doing.

We invite you to submit your ideas for sessions. Sessions that have concrete goals. Sessions that we can all participate in to help define the next steps that we all need to take to transform management.

The form those steps take is not something we can, or want, to predict. You are our learning network, and you can define what will constitute value in this transformational process. Propose your session, define your goals, entice your peers to join.

Whether the goal is to write a book together, to help people find and test the companies they interview with on their management culture, to define the tests that a company can use to drive their change process, or simply to share experiences good and bad. We will not have a clear answer to all our questions at the end of these two days. We hope we will have clearer questions, and defined some steps that will help us find those answers.

Planning can only take you so far. That’s why we hope and expect that bringing you all together will be a catalyst for plenty of spontaneous ideas, discussions and games. Our location is chosen to accommodate this by being in the center of Amsterdam with plenty of bars, restaurants and other establishments for people to gather and be creative.


All interested parties are welcome! We are aiming to have people that act as change agents, running before the crowd. Or at least slowly pulling the cart. People that understand the problems, and want to find ways to catalyse change.

Plenty of change agents have already committed. Join us on the Google and LinkedIn groups!