Satellite Principles

  • Members of Stoos satellites support the understanding that a better way to build organizations is to design them as learning networks of individuals creating value for those they serve. The role of leaders in these organizations should include stewardship of the living rather than management of the machine.
  • While we are committed to the mission that there is a better way to build organizations, at the same time we do not subscribe to any one particular model or framework as the one best way. Stoos is a wide umbrella where all approaches to building a better way are welcome. In a learning network, we never stop learning.

  • Stoos satellites are self-organized local groups that, except for their affiliation with the Stoos Network, are independent of any other commercial entity. In particular, Stoos satellites should never serve as platforms to propagate the commercial or special interests of their members, including coordinators and initiators.

  • Any individual or group of individuals may sponsor a Stoos satellite as long as they subscribe to the principles above. Stoos satellites are listed on the Stoos Network website.